The Trip to St. Andrews


Links golf is a joyous test of patience and skill.


The R. and A. Building is one of golf's most familiar sites.


The First Tee at the "Old Course" stands in front of the R.and A. Building


A special moment.  Bob presented his Driver from the Guinness World Records 1850
 holes to Gary Dempster of the Scottish Golf


What an honor!  Bob visited with Mungo Park, great-grandson of
Willie Park who won the very first Open Championship in 1860.Mungo is TALL!  Bob is 6'1"


The Swilcan Bridge.  Bob shot a 73 on the "Old Course"


A second time on the famed bridge with his caddy for the round.


On Monday, following the "St. Andrews Golf Festival," Bob played an exhibition 108 hole marathon to
celebrate the Festival. The weather was brutal with high winds, ice and rain,  and the temperature
barely above freezing.  Bob's brave caddy was pleased to be part of such an event but happy when it was over.



Younger Hall.  This wondrous building hosted one of the great moments in golf hisotry when
beloved Bobby Jones was made an honorary citizen of St. Andrews.


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